Limiting proportions to 1:2 & lowering centre of gravity of any building should be mandatory

Institution of Engineers organized a presentation on Vaastu Science in Building Construction on March 5, by Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi-the National President of the Society of Vaastu Science and Master of Technology in Sructures


Ghaziabad: Col Tyagi, through the medium of slides, explained in details that by controlling water cement ratio, by giving a slant in the roof, by providing a RCC Shear Wall in the tall Buildings, by ensuring that beams are lighter than columns stability can be achieved in any Building. He further said that by limiting the size proportions to 1:2, by using the breathing surface finishes, by using more insulators than conductors-harmony can be achieved in any Building. All these aspects have a solid science and engineering basis which are well covered in the ancient text of  VAASTU in Mayamattam, Samrangan Sutradhar, Mansara etc. However, you need an engineer to comprehend the ancient text. Unfortunately, the commercial pseudo Vaastu Consultants are swindling the people’s money in the name of “ Vaastu Upchar” without understanding even  a bit of the engineering aspect of construction as covered in the ancient text of Vaastu Shastra.

Giving an example, Col Tyagi  brought out that newly constructed  multi-storey buildings collapsed while the ancient temples remained intact during the BHUJ Earthquake. One of the reason is lower center of Gravity of Temple as compared to the vertical cubicals of Multistorey Buildings. We can provide relative stability to any building by simply giving a slant/slope in its roof.

Covering the aspect of harmony in any building, Col Tyagi suggested to adopt the Divine Ratio. In fact, nature exist in a spiral form. Everything which God has made contains an inbuilt spiral in it. The ratio of this spiral is called DIVINE RATIO. It can be achieved by selecting a square or rectangular shape. The Chairman of the Institution of Engineers and Pro Vice Chancellor of Mewar University Dr Hari Shankar Sharma congratulated Col T.P. Tyagi for clearing a big confusion created by the mushrooming of Vaastu Consultants. The Secretary of the Institution Shri Satish Chand Gupta proposed to organize a big SEMINAR on the issue so that people, at large could be saved from being  cheated by pseudo Vaastu Specialist. The proposal was okayed unanimously and it was decided there and then that a National Seminar on Vaastu Science for Promoters will be organized in JUNE 2017 with the AIM of recommending a group of Individuals to the Government of India to draft mandatory Guide lines for the Vaastu Consultants.



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